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UHT long-life Milk

Our UHT Milk is a very creamy and tastfull ready-to-use milk. Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk is made from 100% prime quality cow’s milk and is processed by a sterilization technology. This way, the milk has a longer life time while the natural food elements are preserved. Our UHT milk has a rich taste and a smooth mouthfeel.

Product Characteristics

  • brands: KANNY
  • min. 3.5% / 1.5% / 0% milk fat
  • for reduced storage cost and expanded product shelf life
  • available in aseptic packaging of 1 liter carton
  • strong packaging with high appeal on the shelves
  • text in: English/Spanish/French/Arabic
Product Specifications 
Product name:UHT long-life liquid milk, vitamin B2 and B12
H.S. codes:040110 and 040120
Application:For human consumption
Shelf life:24 months (or less, according to destination regulations)
Product CompostionValue
Milk fat:3.5% / 1.5% / 0%
Protein:Min. 3.2g

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