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When IMEKO was founded in 1964, the brand name KANNY was developed especially to export full cream milk powder.

For decades, children (older than 6 months) grew up drinking the delicious and nutritious KANNY milk and remained doing so their whole life.  

KANNY stands for strong and happy consumers.The KANNY cow is a happy cow. She enjoys life and everyone can enjoy life with her. Her vitality is passed on in all her delicious dairy products.                       

KANNY appeared to be a strong and appealing brand and consumers asked for a wider range of products. In order to meet the wishes of the KANNY consumers, the assortment was extended.

Availabele products


The comic KANNY cow offers plenty of possibilities for promotional activities, such as tastings and school programs. Examples of such activities you can find here.

From our head office we develop advertising materials to support the brand in the market.  And, since marketing is all about knowing your consumer, we are always curious about your ideas to improve the position of KANNY in the market.