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Imeko can arrange shipment to any port in the world for you, on CFR terms.
We maintain a close relationship with our freight forwarders, who keep us well informed about the developments in ocean freight and offer us the best rates.
In principal we ship only full container loads per product. Most of the time it is possible to ship different sizes of a product in a container.
Custom Documents
Our well-trained Customer Service Team has a lot of experience in preparing the documents you need to clear the dairy products we ship to you.
The basic set of documents we send for clearance is: 
1. Commercial Invoice
2. Bill of Lading
3. Packing List
4. Certificate of Origin
5. Health Certificate
But, the list of documents needed for clearance differs from destination to destination.
It is important to have a clear picture of the import requirements in the country of destination before the order process starts.
Sometimes difficulties in the clearance process arise unexpectedly. Then we will do all within our power to assist you to overcome your problems.

Availability of our products