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CLARA bag production

We are proud to announce and show pictures of the first production of CLARA bags with the new formula fat filled powder with 28% vegetable fat and 24% protein. This week we produced our first containers in the new developed CLARA bag. With the two cows in front of the bag and the fresh green gras with blue letters this bag is an eyecatcher in the market. The CLARA powder has an excellent taste and smell and dissolves immediate, even in cold water. Applicable for many purposes as drinking milk, in baking and many cuisine creations.

At the pictures you see the bags being filled and transported over modern production lines in our state of the art production facility the northern part of the Netherlands. All is done fully automatically under observation of our high quality trained employees. The whole process is in a high care area controlled and monitored by our Health authorities. In this way we can guarantee the delivery of a high quality product to you and your customers.

At the end after a final check the product will be loaded directly into the containers to ensure a fast delivery all over the world. We will do our utmost best to get the fresh produced products as fast as possible at your warehouse.
Please contact us to see what possibilities we can offer to you and become a member of our successful importers of our famous CLARA brand.