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KANNY flexo

Today we like to give you an impression of our KANNY flexo production. For decades, children (older than 6 months) have grown up drinking the delicious and nutritious KANNY milk, and many continue to do so throughout their lives. KANNY milkpowder dissolves immediately, even in cold water.

First the right size aluminium KANNY foil rolls are installed into the filling machine and also the KANNY carton card boxes are placed into the automatic folding machine

The KANNY milkpowder in 1000kg big bags is placed above the filling machine and after emptying the high quality milkpowder into the filling machine the powder will be hygienic repacked into the small KANNY foil packing. This all is taking place in a high care (red) area of the production facility under montoring control system of the COKZ. The Dutch Health Authority for the dairy industry.

The filled KANNY foil packages are transported on the conveyor belt and pass the automatic weight control system. During the whole packing and filling process, random samples have been taken for quality checks in our laboratory.

Finally at the end of the whole filling process each KANNY package is personally controlled and manually carefully packed in the strong export carton, ready for shipment to your export market.

Please contact us for the possibilities in your country.